• Misson

    Offer differentiated and innovative products to meet the therapeutic and dermatological needs of our customers, with a focus on well-being and environmental sustainability.

    Provide high performance products and differentiated service to update health professionals and clear information for the end customer.

    We thus seek to contribute to health and quality of life, offering a customer service channel through ONLINE HEALTH SCREENING in order to help you in the preventive guidance appropriate to the symptom presented, as well as offering effective products.


    Social responsability
    Transparency and Commitment
    Effective Management
    Commitment to the Environment
    Growth and Profitability

  • Goal

    To be the biggest and best brand of products in the segment for health and cosmetics, offering personalized service with quality in the national and international scope.


    Luniz Produtos para Saúde e Cosméticos company responsible for the Kayoah line guarantees the excellent result of its products because Quality is the main factor in the entire production chain. From the acquisition of the raw material to the final packaging, giving the customer the best essence of a joint effort of integrity processes.

    The well-being of each client is what moved and moves the company at the time when the Kayoah line was conceived, designed and produced. Modern techniques, constant updates in the field of science, investment in technology and training of people are metrics of great excellence in the organization. With products that also meet ANVISA's quality standards.

    For the Luniz Laboratory, satisfaction, well-being and the opportunity to generate quality of life for its customers is above all, where it also has Quality Assurance actions that are first of all to ensure full compliance with the rules in force in the country aiming obtaining safe and effective products.

Atendimento Kayoah
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