Política de Privacidade

Security and Protection

- Data Encryption

Your information will be stored on a secure server, and whenever there is a need to identify or provide sensitive information, data transmission between your computer and the Kayoah website will be carried out over a secure connection.

Use of cookies

This website uses an identification technology based on "cookies", small text files sent over the internet to your browser, which are stored on your computer and which allow the recognition of the computers that access our website. Through them we can recognize your preferences and provide personalized content. These "cookies" are safe, private, anonymous, do not transmit viruses and are used only for the benefit of our customers. They are also used to measure certain traffic patterns on the website, so that we can understand interests and browsing behaviors. In general, browsers are already configured to allow the creation of "cookies". You can also specify whether or not you want to be asked by the program before a particular website places a "cookie" on your computer's hard drive.

Likewise, you can choose whether or not to allow your browser to accept Kayoah or any other "cookies", in addition to specifying different settings for different security zones.

It is worth mentioning that "cookies", once accepted, act as your "business card", that is, they are a way to facilitate the identification of users as soon as they connect to the site. In this way, we access your account information stored on our computers, in order to provide you with a better and more targeted service.

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